Brain Injury Association
of Prince Edward Island

The Brain Injury Association of Prince Edward Island

BIAPEI is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and contributing to an environment supportive to the brain injury community, and to awareness & prevention of brain injury in PEI.

2nd Annual Mini Barn Raffle

We have launched our 2nd Annual Mini Barn fundraiser. Tickets are available at Scotiabank Branches on the Island, also at the Brain Injury Association Office located at 81 Prince Street.

Helmet Campaign

The Brain Injury is busy getting ready for this year's Helmet Campaign. This year we are promoting more than bicycle helmets, we are also promoting the use of helmets while skateboarding , longboarding or in-line skating. We are developing a new campaign and hope to be able to role it out to the schools in early May.

Many groups are thinking more about safety but not all kids are able to afford helmets. We want to help them to be able to enjoy the great outdoors. If you or your group are in need of helmets, contact the office and we might be able to help you get a proper helmet for this summer.

Aims & Objectives